Best shoes for Marching Bands | 4 Shoes For Marching Bands in 2021

How to Choose a Band Shoe?

Picking a style of walking band shoes that will accommodate your presentation is significant. For marching band and drum corps, quality, comfort, toughness, and usefulness are vital to picking the correct shoes to do your absolute best. While choosing shoes, pick ones that will give appropriate curve support and gives ease with cushioning on the impact point of the foot.

Certain shoes will empower the moved heel strategy that most corp-style walking groups execute.  Dull shading shoes can conceal footwork botches for the new kid on the beginner marchers. Patent shoes with a sparkly completion, look extraordinary under the lights. Make certain to likewise consider the surface you or your gathering will walk on the most as certain shoes are better for black-top or rec center floors. What’s more, when buying a shoe, never select a size that is excessively short or excessively cozy and tight. This could cut off circulation in your foot or may cause blisters. So, we have gathered a list of best shoes for marching bands. Check them out and find which works best for you.

1.Bando Classic Men’s Marching Band Shoes                                                     

Best shoes for Marching Bands

The BANDO CLASSIC marching band shoes are specially made for marching bands. These shoes come with a cushioned insole along with 3x arch cushioning under the heel area. The non-slip heel cup prevents any blister formation while the full toe box provides extra space for the foot. The rubber sole prevents slipping. These shoes are light-weighted and comfortable to wear.

2.DINKLES Formal Men’s Marching Band Shoes

Best shoes for Marching Bands in 2020

The sharp and shiny formal marching band shoes are the best shoes one can ever find. These US imported shoes come with a Chevron designed sole and cambrelle sock lining. The lace-up closure gives a formal classy look while making it easy to wear by slipping-in your feet.

3.QANSI Men’s Sneakers Non-Slip Work Shoes

Best shoes for Marching Bands

These fashionable sneakers for men come with mesh upper that promotes breathability and keeps the foot cool and dry. They are super light weighted and easy to slip on and off. Its comfortable insole with extra padding provides arch support. They are suitable for outdoors.

4.Rothco Military Uniform Oxford Leather Shoes

Best shoes for Marching Bands

These shoes are lined with Cambrelle material that absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry throughout the day. They are oil-resistant and anti-slippery. Its lace-up closure provides a formal classy look, makes it suitable as marching band shoes and can be worn on multiple occasions as well.


Finding the perfect marching band shoes can be a real challenge. However, the thing one must keep in mind before buying shoes is to make sure they are comfortable, light weighted and durable for a longer time. All the items listed above are some of the choices you can select from or you can simply browse through the internet to find more suitable shoes. Happy Shopping!


1. Are the insoles removable?

A: Some of the shoes come with removable soles while some don’t. It depends on the product type.

2: How do I know that if I am ordering the right size?

A: Most of the marching band shoes enlisted here comes with a wider toe box that provides additional space for your feet. So even if you have wider feet, the size with be your exact fit.

3: Can they be worn on other occasions?

A: Yes, the shoes are designed for formal occasions, so they can be worn on any other events like weddings, parties, etc.

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