Best shoes for pregnant nurses|5 Best in 2021

Being a nurse is a tough job itself and it gets even harder when one is pregnant. There is no greater challenge than carrying a life yourself and taking care of the patients at the same time. But despite the fact of how difficult it is, several medical attendants put on maternity clothes and continue to work while being pregnant. They even work until their water breaks. In any case, because numerous attendants work with such condition, that doesn’t mean it’s without difficulties and concerns.

So, the question here is, what can we do to help? Well, we can’t take away the pregnancy struggles you face but we might be able to assist you to fight against the aching back, leg and foot pain you have throughout this time.  A decent pair of shoes will help you stand and stroll for 12 hours in a row.

There are multiple shoe products on amazon, which are best for pregnant nurses. These highly padded shoes/sneakers provide great back support and slip-free soles to avoid any falling accidents.  Moreover, there some shoes that come with certain textures that absorb sweat and foot heat so your feet will remain cool and dry.

Where can you find the best shoes for pregnant nurses?

Several online shopping websites offer shoe products specifically designed for pregnant nurses. We managed to gather a list of best shoes for pregnant nurses. You can find them on Amazon and other sites as well. The following list has the names of the top best shoes for pregnant nurses along with their reviews. So, without further ado let’s start with our products.

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1. TIOSEBON Women’s – best shoes for pregnant nurses

Best shoes for pregnant nurses

Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work Sneakers are comfier than other shoes. They are easy to slip on and off making them a perfect pair for pregnant nurses who can’t manage to tie shoelaces. Its fly knit pattern keeps air circling the foot, guaranteeing your feet will stay cool and dry throughout the entire day. They are soft, light-weighted, easy to wear with durable design.

2. Sanuk Women’s Yoga – slip-on shoe pregnancy shoes

Best shoes for pregnant nurses

The perfect pair of open sandals, ideal for summer seasons, goes with every dress without wearing heels, yet loosened up enough for a regular shoe. It has a delicate material with a flexible, wicking texture that doesn’t rub so any compelling reason to break them in. The sole is extremely soft which provides your feet extra cushion.

3. Skechers Women’s Go – best supportive shoes for pregnancy

Best shoes for pregnant women's

They are probably the most comfortable shoes for pregnant nurses. It’s Suitable for almost every adult due to its flexible foam. Skechers Go for a walk is highly recommended to people with joint pains plantar fasciitis. Nurses have a job that requires a lot of waling and these shoes are ideal for them.

4. Crocs Women’s Isabella T-Strap Sandal – best shoes for pregnancy summer

Best shoes for  nurses

These T-Strap sandals are super comfortable to wear due to their lightweight and comfortable foot-base. They are perfect for the summer season and if you love long walks on the beach these shoes are the must-ones. A conventional design with barely a few straps makes them easy to wear with cloudy feeling. Crocs Women’s Isabella T-strap Sandals goes with every dress. They are adjustable according to fee shape and ideal for wearing throughout the day.

5. Jessica Simpson Comfy Faux Fur Women’s House Slipper

Best shoes for pregnant nurses

One thing that almost everyone hates is when your bare feet touch the floor, especially in winter seasons. The cold sensation gives you chills on your whole body. To avoid this, check out one of the comfiest and cozy Jessica Simpson comfy faux fur for women. They are super easy to wear around the house. You can sit, relax and enjoy the coziness. They have an anti-slip sole which lets you walk without any stress. The clog style looks stylish and cool. They are easy to wash and dry making them perfect for daily use.


It is hard to find the perfect thing. There are some flaws here and there in almost every item we shop in. But it is important to get something that gives you a more relaxing and comfortable experience, especially if you are a working pregnant nurse. If you haven’t decided to buy the best shoes for pregnant nurses then feel free to check the shoes we have listed above. We hope you find the perfect pair.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are they comfortable to wear?

Yes, every item listed comes with extra cushioning which makes them super comfortable

I have a large foot, will it fit?

Yes, all shoes come with an extra 0.5 size length to make sure they fit perfectly in case of swollen feet.

Do they prevent slipping?

Yes, these shoes are specifically designed for pregnant women. The soles material provides a firm grip on the ground to avoid falling or slipping. 

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